Are Long Sales Letters Dead? Do They Still Work?

The answer would be a YES and a NO. Long sales letters refer to websites which offer a lot of information that you would typically find in the FAQ section of a website or product store. Long form sales copy can actually be incredibly useful. In the past, the long sales letter was used for products ranging from informational DVDs, to health supplements. In modern marketing, they’re used for several different goals, but primarily they’re good at getting visitors to gain confidence in a product they may have never heard of.

Here are some aspects of long sales letters:

  • A reward for time invested is what makes this form of marketing useful. When a visitor sits down to read a long sales letter, they need to first be engaged, and then have a reason for that engagement. If the information at the end of the letter is about where to get a product, that can count, but it should also be informative, and even entertaining to read. The experience needs to be worthwhile.
  • Video content can also be integral to a long form sales page, to help and break up the reading to chime in with testimonials and other information about a product. Videos doesn’t need to have their own special section, and can instead be nested within copy, or placed within a side frame. Several videos can be useful for also marking different sections of the long sales letter.
  • Several points with bolded information for skimming. This can be a good way to catch the attention of those who just quickly glance over the contents of a page to make their own judgment call. You want their sales as much as the heavy readers’, so make their lives easier by bolding important titles, adding breaks between sections, and even a “table of contents” in the top or side bar to make clicking between sections easy.

Combining your landing page with a long sale letter afterward might yield good results, because it first gauges interest in the topic and then presents information that a consumer would otherwise have to go back to a search engine to find. That means a better bounce back rate, and less of a chance of them going to a competing site.

Here are some great example of a long form sales page: