Why is a Custom Landing Page Better Than a Template?

Customized web content, as a whole, is better. Search engines are savvy when it comes to dividing the clear marketing from the organic content, and you’re better off looking like your own entity than a copy of another for your search engine optimization. For users, a customized content is far better at helping to establish brands, create engagement, and convert sales.


  • Tighter control over flow of the page can be a must if you’re using a landing page. Templates may be cheap and quick to set up, but a custom page gives you more options in terms of how you engage your visitors, and in making improvements. Templates may initially look great, but making small changes to certain visual elements could throw the entire thing into disarray. Even something as simple as text margins may be a headache to change on your own.
  • A/B Testing works better with a customized page than it does with a template. With a template, you get what you get, and even if you do perform some A/B testing with different versions of that template, your lack of customization means that you may not be addressing the strengths or weaknesses of either particular landing page.
  • You want to stand out from other sites online. Landing pages, if nothing else, need to be interesting. Having a run of the mill template isn’t interesting to users. They’ve seen them before. Do a search for any supplement on the market, and you will see hundreds of landing pages that are virtually identical, right down to the stock images used of “real doctors” saying that the product works.

A sample of a Custom Landing Page

A customized landing page gives you far more say in how your site looks to visitors when they first click on a link. Templates deploy more quickly, but if you want to build a long term, positive reputation, go custom.

Template 1

A sample of a Template Page