10 Ways To Get More Leads Using A Landing Page

10 Ways To Get More Leads Using A Landing Page

dreamstime_s_59425832Studies show that the number one issue facing small business owners today is not having enough qualified prospects. Every small business owner would like to have more high-quality prospects, but most either don’t have the time, or just do not have the expertise!

In any given industry, there are a myriad of potential lead sources that can be used to supply your business with highly-qualified sales leads. Some are very simple and inexpensive to set-up, others are more involved. Some will give you a trickle of leads, others will produce a flood.

In this article I’ll cover the best practices for lead generation that take the least amount of effort. You can choose which ones you want to use for your own unique business needs.


  1. Optimize Post Titles for Search

It’s highly likely that most of your blog traffic will come, not from visitors wandering over from the main corporate site, but through search. Therefore, the best way to drive blog traffic, and more sales leads, is to ensure that the title of each post is optimized for search, and that and the language drives interest and engagement. Ask yourself: if someone sees the title of the post alone, and nothing more, will he/she be motivated to read that post?


  1. Create a Compelling Sign up Form

Be sure to include a compelling graphic of the free gift you are offering.

One of the reasons I really like Aweber is because they have a powerful form tool that makes it easy to design sign up forms. The lightbox and sidebar form on this site and all my forms on all my sites are made with Aweber.

A piece of software called boxshot king works like magic for creating awesome 3d images for digital products that you can offer as opt-in gifts.


  1. Maximize the Power of Social Media

Using social media on an ongoing basis has helped me add thousands of people to my email list, and build some amazing relationships in the process.


The two networks that have enabled me to grow the most are Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Offer Exclusive Membership Discounts

Create a membership package for your best customers. Use a great landing page for signing up. Give incentives like exclusive deals, behind the scenes videos of your business, and being the first to know about your new products or other information.


  1. Give a Free Trial or Demo

dreamstime_s_36638189Free trials are a great way to drum up business, by letting people play with your product or service for a while. They’re also a fantastic method of collecting qualified leads.

Work with your marketing, sales and finance team to determine what service of product is best to give away for a free trial. Set a finite time frame for your offer. Make an email-gated landing page for the free trial. Promote your trial with online ads. Get people trying out your product, and keep in touch with them through email automation and ongoing direct, personal email messages.


  1. YouTube Video Optimization

Use annotations with a call to action. Annotations are those little text boxes that you have probably seen over the top of YouTube videos before. Annotations take only a few moments to publish, but if you include them, they can send a steady amount of traffic to your site over time, especially if your video starts gaining serious traction!

Studies show that reading while reading increases retention by as much as 38%. If you use a verbal call to action for engagement combined with a written call to action via an annotation this will help increase your response. Make sure to include a hyperlink in your video description.

Include a link to one of your your squeeze pages in the first line of your video description. Another tactic to get more people on your list with your videos is to watermark your videos with a URL of your squeeze page. You can insert an an intro and outro slide with a call to action for people to visit your squeeze page and join your list.


  1. Keep Sign up Form Simple

The fewer fields you have on your sign up form the more people will sign up. I like to get both a name and an email address from my subscribers, so I can personalize my emails, but I have started asking for just an email address because I want my list to grow faster. Our recommendation is to only ask for a name and an email at most, or your conversion rate will seriously suffer.


  1. Make the most of Trending Analysis

Part of generating more leads from your CRM system is having the ability to predict what your clients want from your business. The way to do that is through predictive analysis, which uses data mining from business records. The objective is to find patterns in consumer behavior to assist your plans for the future. Through analyzing your customer base, you can better serve the needs of your clients. This is why it is essential to use a CRM system that incorporates predictive customer analysis tools within its architecture. Utilizing your CRM tools that let you spot trends gives you a return of the targeted and optimized customer. Not to mention, you get to maximize the lifetime value of a customer. This means that when a customer may be intending to move over to another brand, you can give them an offer they can’t refuse. It’s much more difficult to retain a client when they’ve already made the decision to leave.

To generate optimized and targeted leads, you need the right tools. You get what you give. When you use a CRM system powerful enough to record and analyze your data, you are well on your way to generating more leads, and in the process, more sales.


  1. Give Rewards for Referring Friends

Setup a referral program, to get customers to spread the word about you. Give discounts to people who can bring in, say, 5 new customers. Reward them with progressively deeper discounts for any additional new clients. Use an email-gated landing page attached to a great CRM. You get to keep in touch with passionate customers.


  1. Create an Epic Content

Epic content is the only kind of content you should focus on creating, in my opinion. The reason why is simple: epic content can out pull mediocre content in terms of traffic and lead generation a hundredfold or more.

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