7 Tips to Boost Your Business Using Social Media

7 Tips to Boost Your Business Using Social Media

dreamstime_s_43071694There are lost of item for sale on television that is being advertised. They are also coming up with social media strategies to increase online sales throughout the remainder of the year. Social media is bigger than ever, and you’re guaranteed to reach thousands, if not millions, of people with a few well-placed posts.

It’s also a lot cheaper to run a social media promotion than it is to invest in offline media. Even a Google Adwords campaign can add up, and social media posts cost only a little bit of your time to pull off. Plus, you can hear the reaction from potential customers in real-time, which can help you tweak it in strategic ways to increase response. We have here the seven useful ideas for using social media to boost your business and online sales this season.


  1. Use Only One Hashtag


If you’re doing a big holiday sale, don’t be afraid to hashtag. Hundreds of other businesses will be doing the same thing, and you want to stand out from them by showing up first in any hashtag searches by your potential customers. Try using a variety of hashtags that include generic options like #holidaysale, along with a distinctive hashtag that describes your business’ focus. Once you’ve found a happy medium, stick to it! Use that combination of hashtags across all of your social media platforms.


  1. Flash Sale

Flash sales are a great way to drive sales because they create a sense of urgency. Offer a special price for only a short period of time. Announce your intention to have a flash, sale in the weeks before across your social media sites, but don’t say when it will occur. This will ensure that people will continually check your feeds to see when it’s taking place. When you hold the flash sale, be prepared for heavy traffic to your site.


  1. Free Shipping

Free Shipping SignDuring the holiday season, people purchase the majority of their buys online. Shipping costs when buying online can add up, especially if customers buy from multiple companies. Offer free shipping to those who click on a link from your Facebook or Twitter account. You’ll be tickled with how many new “likes” and followers you can get from this promotion, not to mention the boost in sales.


  1. Generate Leads Using Giveaways

The holidays are the perfect time to generate new leads for your business. Try a giveaway promotion that requires a sign-up page. Include an option for the user to receive a newsletter as an added incentive. Not only will they have a chance to win a great gift or percentage of a service, they will also be signing themselves up for a chance to hear more about your business. Way Easy Gifts is following this trend with their “12 Days of Giveaways” promotion. The user can choose between three different gifts of the same theme and enter to win the prize. Not only is the promotion generating leads and recognition for the brand, it is also increasing their social platform. Every person who enters the promotion must like the Facebook page to check out the gifts.


  1. Mobility

dreamstime_s_40196434Do you have a mobile site yet? If not, get one as soon as possible. A huge number of people now access their social media accounts through their phones; in fact, more people use Facebook mobile than Facebook on their desktop. Any sales promotion you put on social media will most likely be accessed on a phone, and you don’t want to annoy your customers with a slow, non-mobile friendly site where buying items is a hassle. If you don’t have much technical expertise, try a mobile commerce provider who can do it for you, like Shopgate.


  1. Post Pictures

Strange but true: you’re more likely to get a response to something on Facebook when you post an image along with your words. Encourage your fans to like and share your stuff! Facebook just implemented a new algorithm that will repost a link each time someone comments on it. This means even more exposure for your brand! Any extra “likes” you can get for a status leads to more people seeing it on their friends’ feeds, so be sure to include photos of your products with every promotion you post.


  1. Increase Exposure

You likely have buttons linking to your social media accounts at the top of your web site, which is a great way to get the word out. But do you have links in your email signature? On your blog posts? In your newsletters? Any way you can gain more followers means more people who hear about your social media sales.


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