Animated Video or Explainer Video

Animated Video or Explainer Video

Explainer-Animated-Videos-img1Is it better to create an animated video or explainer video for my website video creation? With the rise of social media, smartphones and tablets, more and more video is being watched and shared as it becomes the standard way of presenting information. When it comes to online marketing, video is as indispensable as business cards, a website or brochure. It’s an extension of your brand and communicates the style and values of your organization far better than words alone.

Here are the two most effective video presentation that you can use, an explainer video or an animated video. We’ll talk about these two video presentations to know which would you prefer or which is better. Explainer videos are a huge rage. They are a short, fun and innovative way to demonstrate about your product or service, explain its features, solve problems and answer queries in a way that is easily relatable and comprehensible by the viewers. They are one of the most powerful tools that engage the audience and create value for your brand. Within a minute or two, animated explainer videos have the potential to create an emotional connection with the target audience thus securing myriad advantages. Whatever is your business, big, small or a new venture, explainer videos can be used to increase your conversions, irrespective of your product or service. Investing in a well-made explainer video is more worthy than what you really pay for. Here is a detailed look of the facets where adding a good explainer video can create maximum positive impacts.


Explainer videos are very useful to SEO companies in online marketing. Just a quick question, are viewers more likely to read a page worth of texts or watch a 90-second video about your product or service on the webpage? When you use search for anything, it is found that video appears in 70% of the top 100 listings in Google. Adding an explainer video to your webpage makes it more appealing to the visitors. They are bound to click on the landing page that provides good lead generation and conversions. It takes only a couple of minutes to watch the explainer video and understand about your product or service and even purchase it at that instant, that’s why it is an effective online marketing tool. To get high ranking and better search engine optimization, all you need is good content that solves the problem, demonstrates the product or answers questions. The videos themselves may not be a great SEO tool, but when they go viral or when they are shared every time by satisfied viewers and customers, they play a part in improving your website’s SEM. If your website has a poor search engine ranking, you probably need an explainer video on your page. While explainer video is very useful in marketing, animated video is a great form of presentation as well. The information delivered through an animated website video helps soften the gap between wanting to know something and the process of finding it out. Web videos are embedded in a company’s website, widen your audience and help you reach millions of people anywhere around the world and explain about your products and services in a short span of time.


Animated videos can be a powerful promotional piece if it’s done right, following a simple formula when building a custom, viral animation clients. Entertain, make them laugh and enjoy, educate, defining your message clearly, and most of all, engage, help the user to interact. This helps to increase the impact of the campaign. Animated video is a great way to provide some entertainment by telling a story or conveying useful information. Through the use of humor, graphics and sound, you can strengthen your relationship with your customer base and use this as part of the sales process. Animated videos can be the ultimate time saver as well– quickly explaining a concept or sending a message while holding the attention of the listener. Most people would prefer to take 5 minutes to watch an animation rather than 5 minutes reading text on a website. It is a psyche of internet users that if they like something, they will want to share it with others on the internet. Animated videos become popular quickly; consequently, they are shared by internet users to others on the net.


Hence, you should make animated videos to reach a mass audience through the internet and explain your business to them. Now, most businesses choose to have an animated video, through animated videos they can showcase what their products and services and what are the things they are more capable of by entertaining the audience at the same time. But as the other people say, choose what you think that is more useful to you.

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