Becoming an Industry Expert

Becoming an Industry Expert

dreamstime_s_21503448There are major perks of being looked at as an authoritative voice in your field. Customers feel safe doing business with you, publicity is easier to find, and more people want to work for you. In a busy world full of competitors, being looked at as a more reliable than your rival is a huge advantage.


While most people think it takes years of experience to become an expert in their field, they are following the wrong path.


With a few simple tips, you can be branded as an authority in whatever you’d like. Below, I’ll show you exactly how to do this. Use this advice correctly, and you’ll notice major benefits throughout the life of your company.


  1. Participate in Speaking Engagements

Becoming a leader in the community will require getting out in front of the public to share what makes a particular brand unique. This can be done by speaking at public events such as workshops and conferences. Although this strategy works best if a person speaks at an industry-related event, volunteering to give a speech at an unrelated workshop can offer opportunities to get a brand’s image recognized by a wider audience. When participating in a public event, it is important to remember that the speaker is representing the brand. By relaying the brand’s message or core tenets, a person can continue to bolster a reputation for leadership.


  1. Decide Your Specialization

Narrow your focus to a specific field that you’re qualified to speak about. For example, instead of choosing marketing, which is a very broad field, you could narrow it down to social media marketing, or even Facebook marketing.


  1. Determine Your Audience

Ask yourself who will benefit most from your knowledge? Your peers, clients, or the public in general? To continue with the example above, if you’re an experienced marketing professional, your peers can learn from you, your customers will most likely enjoy your insights, and even the general public could be curious about how to get more out of Facebook marketing. Just remember that the broader your audience, the better you’ll need to communicate industry terminology and concepts in everyday language.


  1. Apply Your Expertise

This is the only way you will notice patterns, and the essence of intelligence is pattern matching. That’s why the key to great chess players in pattern matching, or why the intelligence of young children can be tested even before they are verbal.


Here’s a pattern David sees in his field: Business owners are most introspective approximately nine months before their lease is up, simply because that’s the only time they make a long-term commitment to staying in business for the next three, five, or 10 years. He’s written down about 200 of these patterns and that allows him to diagnose a situation more quickly and reliably.


  1. Promote Awards and Achievements

dreamstime_s_21503448Modesty may be a desired trait in individuals, but it will do no good for establishing a brand as a leader within the community. Instead, it is important to make sure that a brand is recognized for its contributions to the community. When an award is given, send out press releases to local and national media sources. If a ceremony is offered, invite industry experts and be sure to show up and accept the award graciously. This is also an area that can be shared alongside new information such as by including a brief mention of the award in newsletters and email campaigns.


When a brand becomes recognized as a leader within its niche or community, its reputation will contribute to increased growth that will allow it to reach its full potential. However, it is important to remember that building a brand takes hard work and a commitment to get involved with the greater public. By serving the community and sharing expert knowledge, a person can build their brand’s reputation for being a leader within its niche.



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