Benefits of Using WordPress

Benefits of Using WordPress

dreamstime_s_42844882WordPress is a vigorous content management system that powers many online businesses. There are a number of distinct advantages to using WordPress like SEO, easier management and many more. We will look into it, in this post, but before that here is a myth buster for people who think, WordPress is just a Blogging platform. WordPress, is more than a Blogging platform and you can use it as a website, social networking site, E-commerce site, Web directory and many more different uses of it.



dreamstime_s_15517623For the starter, WordPress is completely free to use. In fact, you can download the full WordPress software application free of charge, and host it on your own domain without having to pay any software license fees whatsoever.



Easy to use

After moving beyond the money you will save comes the ease of use. WordPress is relatively simple to use, from installation to website creation to website management.  Depending on where you get your website hosting through, they may even have one-click install for WordPress. Once the installation process is complete, most users will find creating a website is not very difficult. There are thousands of themes to choose from that will define the layout and overall look of your WordPress website, and many of the best are within our packages. WordPress has a well-designed dashboard that is very simple to use. Even a child should be able to browse through the available options on the dashboard.


WordPress Can Do Anything

WordPress provides users with a framework that is extremely flexible and scalable, making it almost infinitely extensible. One of the core principles of the WordPress philosophy is to keep the core code as light and fast as possible while providing a rich framework that allows the growing community of WordPress software developers and web designers to keep expanding what WordPress can do with applications that enhance its core functionality which is called “plugins” and flexible web design templates commonly known as “themes” that allow you to instantly change the look and feel of your entire website in just a few mouse clicks.


What this all means, is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on web development and web design costs. You can start building a web presence with a basic, simple WordPress site, and then get it to do almost anything you want by adding a few of the tens of thousands of WordPress plugins available, or completely change the look of your site as often as you want with WordPress Themes.


Generally, free plugins and free themes don’t offer much in the way of support for users. In most cases, this is not a problem, as some of the most popular free plugins and themes are quite robust and their developers do provide regular upgrades to keep up with new WordPress upgrades. If you want support, however, there are many amazing and feature-rich “premium” plugins and themes you can purchase for a ridiculously low price.


Instead of spending thousands of dollars on web development and web design, therefore, you can start running a professional web presence on your own domain with a very minimal cost. You just need a domain name and web hosting, mostly around $120 – $150 per year.


You’re in Total Control

dreamstime_s_51791416By using WordPress, you don’t need to spend a great deal of money to have a professional website, it doesn’t need technical skills or programming knowledge to run a web site, and you don’t need to depend on webmasters, web developers or web designers to manage your content or your site.


Once your WordPress site is up and running, all you need to do is learn how to use all of the powerful features and functions that WordPress makes available, so you can achieve anything that you envision doing with your site. You will have a complete control on dreamstime_s_54659191your own website by using WordPress.


The great news, there are lots of resources that you can find all over the web to learn and master WordPress on your own, there are websites around that offer free tutorials or you can just simply search on YouTube.

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