Is it Better to Use a Doodle Video?

Is it Better to Use a Doodle Video?

That usually comes down to what you want to sell, and your demographics, but there are a lot of positives when it comes to “doodle” videos that you should consider. First, we need to examine what a doodle video actually consists of.


dreamstime_s_37835760A doodle video, also referred to as a “whiteboard video” or “animated video,” is a brief presentation that can convey text, contain a voice over, and have a call to action, all in a great up front display that looks like the inner workings of a great thinker. Doodle videos are a hit with tech start up companies, new product concepts, and even political campaigns and causes. Doodle videos are animated, but they don’t need to be expensive.


Doodle videos can be shared on social media networks, uploaded to popular video hosting sites, and be loaded on a landing page. In other words, they’re very flexible,  thanks to its simple presentations.


Here are a few of the statistics behind doodle videos:


  • 80% of visitors are willing to watch videos, but only 20% will read all of its content.
  • 80% of visitors also remembers every video ads that they see.
  • 85% of users on the internet watches videos online regularly.



These all factors tells the story of visitors who are more likely to be attracted to, remember, and even recommend video content to others. From small crowd funding efforts, to corporate interests and projects, video marketing is an extremely effective, proven tool. In the case of a doodle video, it’s a short presentation that’s perfect for landing pages, and even social media friendly.


One final note: People tend to like them. Doodle videos can convey an endearing image or brand element about your business, and your product, that you just can’t purchase with other forms of marketing. They’re so effective, even pharmaceutical companies uses a similar marketing strategy for their television commercials, following much of the same formula to get results.

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