What Are Pre-Sell Landing Pages?

What Are Pre-Sell Landing Pages?

pre-sell advertorialA pre-sell landing page is another name for a landing page. It’s the page that introduces a new visitor to your company and product. The goal of a pre-sell page is to turn visitors into leads and ultimately into customers.

Pre-sell pages come in a variety of forms and styles. Each one has a specific use or intent. The style of landing page you use depends on what you’re offering and who you are targeting. You might use a number of different pre-sell pages to reach the greatest number of customers.

Review Style Landing Pages

A review style landing page contains either a single review of one well-known product or a series of reviews of related products. The goal of the page is to get a visitor to click through and purchase the item or one of the items reviewed.

Review style pre-sell pages are often used by affiliate marketing companies to help them increase sales. If a visitor to the page clicks on a reviewed items and purchases it, the company earns a percentage of the sale.

Often, the reviews are of items that have a high commission, so that the company posting the landing page actually earns a profit from it. Credit card review landing pages usually do well, since the people who visit them are actively looking for a new card and end up applying to one.


Advertorials aren’t just for the pages of magazines anymore. They’ve also found life as pre-sell pages. Advertorials are advertisements dressed up to look like editorials or news stories. An example of an advertorial landing page might be a news report on the benefits of taking a certain supplement or an essay on how life-changing taking up a new activity can be.

The call to action on advertorial landing pages is usually more subtle than the CTA on other styles of landing page. People are directed to learn more about the product mentioned, but it’s important that they not feel as if they just read an ad.

404 Landing Pages

404s or error pages happen. A great way to turn lemons into lemonade is to create a custom landing page for your 404s. When a visitor ends up on a page that doesn’t exist, he or she is redirected to another area of the website.

A 404 landing page should acknowledge the error and apologize for it. It should then provide the visitor with something useful. For example, it can offer a free download or include links to other pages that might be relevant to what the visitor was looking for.

Free _____ Sales Page

One common example of a pre-sell page is one that’s offering a visitor something for free. A company might be giving away copies of an ebook or letting people enroll in a free course. In exchange for the freebie, the visitor signs up for the company’s email list. The page also gives people a free taste of the type of products or services the company offers, so they can try before purchasing.

An example of a free ebook sales page is one from Hubspot. The page is offering a free ebook on converting visitors with landing pages. To get the book, all visitors need to hand over their contact information, plus details about their business.

Coming Soon! Page

Sometimes there’s so much buzz about a new company or product, that people are checking it out online before it’s available. A coming soon or pre-launch landing page helps you engage with interested parties even before your company launches.

With a coming soon page, you can build hype about your product or company, give people an idea of what they can expect and give them an idea of when to expect it. You can get them to sign up for your email list so that they are the first to know when the new company goes live.

Webinar Page

A webinar landing page gets people to sign up for your company’s upcoming webinar. It does three things for you. It informs people about the webinar, gets them to sign up and puts more names on your email list.

Use clear headlines and plain language to give people the details about the webinar. Also make sure the date and time of the webinar is clearly visible, so that people know what they are signing up for.

The Social Media Welcome

Social media landing pages help you turn the people who follow you on Twitter or Facebook into email list subscribers or ultimately customers. A social media pre-sell page is linked from your social media accounts.

The content on the page acknowledges your relationship on social media and offers a special incentive to the visitor. Like any other landing page, it needs to have a clear call to action, such as “sign up for my email list and get this free report.”

The Stats Page

People love statistics. You’re more likely to get people’s attention and get them to act if you give them a list of numbers and facts. Take a look at the landing page used by Feeding America to get donations. It not only includes facts and figures in the paragraph copy. It also has a sidebar listing the number of people helped by the organization and by the people who donate to it.

The Contest Page

People also like the chance to win free stuff. A sure-fire way to convert visitors to leads is to entice them with the chance to win something fun. It can be a contest to win a free dinner, a gift card or something big, like a vacation.

You can also use a contest page to incentivize sharing. For example, each time a person shares your contest page on social media or over email, they get a new entry in the contest.

Different styles of pre-sell landing pages will appeal to different audiences. That’s why having a variety of options can help your company convert the highest number of visitors. Try a few different styles and see what works best for your company.

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