The Five Most Important Factors for a Sales Page

The Five Most Important Factors for a Sales Page

dreamstime_s_38455138A checklist is a good way to make sure you’re hitting all the right marks, and with a sales page, it can be an absolute must, because it will also force you to look at what you have on the page, and how it could be improved. Here are five of the most important factors for your sales page, and how to make them even stronger performers.


  • Title.The title of the site needs to be clear, and it needs to take into consideration on how it will look in a browser tab, how it will look in a search engine result, and how it will look on a third party websites that may link to it. In other words, you will want something accurate, but attention grabbing.
  • Copy. It needs to be well written. This really goes without saying, but it should also includes search engine optimization strategies, such as focusing on specific keywords. The actual text itself needs to be interesting to read. It can be equal parts informative and entertaining, but overall, it has to be engaging.
  • URL. Going hand in hand with the title, the URL is important primarily for search engines, because it points toward better organization and content management. The URL itself can contain your chosen keywords.
  • Usability. The sales page itself needs to be loaded quickly and scroll nicely. Information should be laid out and easily accessible. Loading a sales page down with too many media rich features is a big mistake, but ignoring the value of a video could also be an error on your part.
  • High quality presentation. Rich images are great descriptors and motivators for learning more about a product and¬†making a purchase, as is a user interface that just looks outstanding. High quality presentation means that you care about your product, and that visitors should care about them as well. Not focusing on this could make your business seem dated or out of touch.


These may be five of the most prominent factors for visitors and search engines, but they aren’t the be-all-end-all of your sales page. Keep them in mind, and you’ll find that other details that exist between the lines will also become apparent– for example, the structure of the sales page itself is relevant to your presentation and your usability.


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