What is a Pre-Sell Landing Page, and Why Should You Be Using One?

What is a Pre-Sell Landing Page, and Why Should You Be Using One?

The term itself, “pre-sell,” should give you a good idea of the page’s intended function. Your landing page is going to be the first thing that visitors see whenever they perform an internet search, or click on a banner etc and your site or result comes up. Here are some important information about pre-sell landing pages:

  • Clear information on what it is actually like to be. Don’t scoff at this one; vague landing pages are a lot more common than you think, and they can lead to pretty high bounce rates. Bouncing back is when a user goes back to a search engine results page, meaning they don’t spend time clicking on anything, or in some cases, even reading the page for longer than five seconds. Vague landing pages are one reason.
  • A “Call To Action (CTA)or an engagement tool that you can use to get information, pull in a visitor’s attention, and eventually convert that interest into a sale, lead, etc. Your call to action can be different from landing page to another landing page, from “Call Now”, to forms where a visitor can enter their e-mail address to learn more. There should be some direction on what they should do next. Buy now, Call now, Order now, Get a Quote, these are all just some examples of CTA’s.
  • A pleasing presentation. This one plays a major role on getting, and keeping, a visitor’s attention. There are many different ways to design a landing page. It needs to be, first and foremost, easy on the eyes. Typically if your landing page is using an outdated design or graphic elements that just don’t match up with what you’re “selling,” you won’t get a good pay off for your investment into it. Visual presentations can also take into account variables like whether or not a user is on a mobile device. You could have one landing page that uses a responsive design, or several different landing pages based on browser type, resolution, operating system, and more. The choice is ultimately yours. For optimal results you should always test multiple variations of a page.

Once you’ve got these elements in order, it’s not too difficult to put together an effective landing page that will let your customers know what you’re selling, and why they should buy it from you.

As for why you should use a pre-sell page:

  • You could be missing out on sales conversions without it. Pre-sell pages are popular for a reason; they work. They work for almost any type of products or services, and they’re also a very easy addition to make in terms of time, and money, for the results. In an age where there’s so much distraction available on the internet, you need a quick, decisive way to grab their attention. Landing page is a proven performer.
  • Your visitors may actually expect it. Depending on a search query, your visitors may actually just be expecting to get the information that you could provide on a landing page. A landing page for a real estate agent linked to the keyword “New York City office leasing,” for example, could lead directly to those contact details, or an information form so that they can get in touch with a leasing company through e-mail. In that brief amount of time, you could already be building engagement.
  • You can change it, improve it, and test it much more readily than an entire site. This one can be important; landing pages can be changed very quickly, and they can be useful if you are a business that runs seasonal, or promotional, deals that you want people to know about as soon as possible. Instead of putting a big banner on your homepage and hoping that someone notices, you can put all of those details right up front with a landing page, and then set it up to convert to a different landing page once that is over. You can even try multiple landing pages at once, or set them up based on different queries. Football or baseball, for example, can be used as subjects for the same sporting memorabilia store, but with different landing pages for both. That could save you time, and make you even more money on your conversions.

The takeaway should be landing pages are a fast, effective, and often underestimated way to draw in the type of customer engagement that you would normally need to invest more money, and time, to get. They aren’t a cure-all if your traffic is lagging, but they could definitely be worth your investment if you want to optimize exactly how visitors interact with your company from their very first introduction.

Take a look at many of the most visited retail and corporate sites online, and you will undoubtedly find landing pages of many different types, and functions. Small businesses can benefit from them as well; everyone from plumbers, to artists, to video game developers all use landing pages to quickly distribute information to a visitor. You usually have within the span of around 30 seconds or so, and often less, to make that positive first impression on someone who has come to your site. The landing page is the best weapon in your arsenal to accomplish that goal.

Here is an example of a review-style pre-sell page:


If you still aren’t sure, check out some of our other articles about the flow of landing pages, or speak with one of our professionals for more information on industry-specific landing pages, pages that we’ve made for our clients, and more.

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