What is Recording Software, Like Mouseflow?

What is Recording Software, Like Mouseflow?

Recording software includes tools like heat maps, and even eye tracking, it can be useful for actually seeing how visitors behave during their visits. These tools record the movements of a mouse once a visitor arrives on your site, from where they click, to how long they scroll down a page, to the steps taken to arrive at a point where you can make a sale. They can record information entered into text boxes, buttons that are pressed on the site, such as the “Read More” function that may reveal more text, and other functions.

  • Recording software can show you where improvements can be made. If you’ve got several calls to action, but there’s one that gets the most clicks, and users are going to it faster through scrolling, you could just be wasting the time of people who don’t click on that link, or you need to improve the links that were ahead in line. In either event, you can see where your site’s weaknesses are.
  • It’s secure. Recording software records habits, but it doesn’t record any secure and private information about a user, such as passwords.
  • It provides useful averages, like interaction time between elements. Recording software can be useful when measuring the effectiveness of landing pages, because they show you how users enter the site, the duration that a user spends on the site, and which elements catches their attention the most, and their clicks.

Here is an example of a heat map from Clicktale.

ClickTale Heatmap Example

A more visual version of this recording idea is the “heat map,” which shows cool and warm areas of a website determined by the activity of users that visit. This will show you the areas that get the most attention, and areas that could use work.

With a landing page, this becomes incredibly simple, as you typically only need to study two or three different versions to come to a basic understanding of which elements and design choices outperform others.

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