What Steps Should I Take to Create a Good Review Landing Page?

What Steps Should I Take to Create a Good Review Landing Page?

dreamstime_s_42056063A “review-style” landing page refers to a page that offers several different reviews, typically of products from different distributors. These pages are good at getting the attention of consumers that want to know what their options are right away, without having to do all of the research themselves. Review pages can be used for virtually any type of product, from dog food, to airfare comparison sites, and even to free electronic products like ebooks.


Review landing pages are excellent at putting information up front and selling a variety of products, and they’re useful for website owners that deal in affiliate links and codes for products. They’re easy to build, and in some cases, they can be the entirety of a site’s content, depending on your overall goals. Here are some few steps that you can take to make sure that your review landing page is doing what you need it to.


  • #1 isn’t always #1. Understand that your visitors will be looking at these reviews with some cynicism, as they will with most reviews in general. Your visitors may be more likely to choose your #2 or #3 reviewed selection than your #1, if only because of that cynicism. Don’t count on your #1 review being your highest sales converter. This is one of the things that you have to measure and test over time to see which actually generates the more profit for your business.
  • Make sure it’s clean. Put the information up front, and don’t get tangled up with complicated designs that are going to distract the reviews themselves. You want that information to be easy to access, easy to disgest, and easy to compare. Using simple comparison ratings or metrics can make the process even smoother. For example, if you want to give each aspect of a review a rating, or if you want to just go with an overall score for each product reviewed, this makes the initial scan of the page much easier for a visitor.
  • Try to have at least three to five reviews on your landing page. It should look like a serious examination of the contenders in any given field, and if you have only one or two, that doesn’t look like much of a contest. Five is a nice number, because it gives you enough room at the top and bottom to make those places more remarkable without creating a bloated “middle contender” field like 10 or more reviews might otherwise do.
  • Keep it updated with relevant price information and other details, because you want to stay relevant with search engines and users, and because you’re just more likely to make actual sales conversions if all of that information is up to date. Landing pages should always be considered a work in progress, and review pages are no exception. Tightness of your links and coherence are essential
  • Have multiple links to the products or services being featured. The title of the review itself, a call to action in or around the review, and even the image of a product can all be linked to the offer, and should be. There are multiple “points of entry” for a visitor to actually get engaged to think about or purchase a product, and that’s one of the many reasons to have multiple links.

If you’rdreamstime_s_47574556e ever in doubt about how effective your review page is, the metrics from your click should give you the information on what actually sells, where users actually click, and how you can improve the process even further. If you find that a picture of product or service #3 gets you the most clicks, take a closer look at that result; is it because of a clear picture of the product? Does the picture match a user’s expectation of what they were searching for? Is the demographic of visitors more closely aligned with a particular style of product?


In time, you will get stronger results across the board, but you will likely to find that one or two of your links are vastly higher in terms of sales conversions than the other selections. Don’t take that as a downside– it’s just how review pages function. Sometimes, the other choices are there to act as background for your real money makers, and if it’s all going smoothly, they will do exactly what it is needed.



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