Why Do People Use Landing Pages?

Why Do People Use Landing Pages?

hd_49First, we need to know what exactly a landing page is. Landing pages are usually single website pages that have one single objective. That objective is to capture the visitor’s contact details, usually name and email address, but can also be more specific information such as phone number, gender, location just to name a few.

They are used as a substitute to the normal home page of a website when running advertising campaigns such Pay Per Click, Banner ads, Solo ads, Pay Per View, SEO and many other traffic getting methods. Usually the visitor is encouraged to enter their contact details in exchange for a free ebook, webinar, videos, newsletters or sometimes giving away some items or gifts.


This allows the compilation of contact details of people that are interested in the topic, product or service that is displayed on the page and therefore allows the “list” owner to re-market to these” targeted leads” many times over, usually at no extra cost. The result is a much higher sales rate per unique visitor.

In order to help guide visitors in taking the intended action on the landing page, it is useful to leave out any distractions such as navigation menus, social buttons, banners and any other items that do not have to “absolutely” be on the page.


The most common example is Facebook’s landing page. The layout of the page is minimalist in design, with main image or logo and opt-in form. You can see the log in area for visitors that already have an account and therefore do not need to fill in their contact information again.


So let’s now get back to the question, why do people use landing pages?


hd_50Obviously the ultimate goal is to have the visitor purchase immediately, but this is actually even rarer than we think–as for the research, 96% of first-time visitors to a website aren’t ready to buy. It’s a prime reason why people nowadays use landing pages. The next best option is to generate a lead by capturing  visitors’ contact data and adding them to their sales funnel. Advertisers will now have the opportunity to email the prospects and nurture them down their sales funnel by continuing to market to them via email, phone calls, or social media to influence the prospects to buy from them.  The more landing pages you have, the more opportunities to generate leads and fill your funnel.


Those visitors might get interested enough to explore a certain site further, or even sign up for one of the  homepage CTA’s or the so called call to action. But, when 96% of first time visitors on a site aren’t ready to buy, sending people to their homepage doesn’t bring in the profits and relationship-building opportunities. That is why a well-planned, single-focused, fully-optimized landing page is very important


Lastly, message match is an essential part of why landing pages can be so successful. Message match is the ability of a landing page to reinforce the messaging presented on the link that was clicked to reach the page. Most visitors are impatient and will leave your page within a few seconds of arrival if you don’t reinforce their intent with a matching headline and purpose, quickly and clearly.

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