How to Create a Kick Ass Sales Page?

How to Create a Kick Ass Sales Page?

15618005_mA sales page is a pivotal page on your site: the difference between a mediocre and a good sales page can mean a huge difference to your business’ bottom line.


It is a good idea that you optimize your sales page with keywords related to the product you are offering. This way the traffic being driven to your sales page is targeted traffic for the product you are selling. This will in turn lead to a higher concentrated pool of customers “With their minds set on purchasing”. The following are the main ingredients of a good or better yet the best sales page. This elements should help you increase the conversion of your sales page:


  1. An Eye Grabbing Headline

Think of your landing page headline, like you would a newspaper or a magazine headline. Not only does your headline need to be eye-grabbing, it should be able to speak to your visitors in order for them to even consider buying your product.

Include interesting stats in your headline; ask your visitors questions that your service is an answer to. Bottom line, just reel them in so that they hit your CTA button.


  1. Vibrant Images

You should use images relevant to the products you are selling on your sales page (this way the customer does not get confused as to what they are purchasing). This will make your sales page look more professional and creditable. This will also create trust with your visitor and they will be more likely to purchase the product you are trying to sell.


  1. Product Details

You should provide a detailed description of the product, including why it will be useful for the user and how it can solve a problem that the customer maybe having. The sales page should explain the product in a nice well written flow of text, so that after the visitor reads about the product, he is completely convinced that the product is just what he is looking for.


  1. Guarantee to build Trust

Another way to create an element of trust is to offer a guarantee. Many marketers offered a complete money-back guarantee with their product or services. The length of time you give someone to benefit from this is up to you. You may want to check with your local laws to determine if there is a minimum time frame that you have to offer when you sell online.


Usually, a 30 to 9 days money-back guarantee is the most common. It gives people the chance to try your product and see whether it is useful or not. No questions asked money back is often applied as well to protect consumers from being completely left out of pocket.


  1. Show Real Testimonials

People will only buy if they can trust you, and that is just what the testimonials section is used for. Your testimonials should be from real customers, who have something good to say about your product or services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your previous customers and ask them for feedback.


Don’t forget to include your customer’s photo next to the testimonial. This will help put a face to a name, and makes it easier for your readers to trust the words it says. They know that the words have not just been generated by some software or some workers at home.


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