The Benefits Of Clicktale To Your Website

The Benefits Of Clicktale To Your Website

Tracking visitors on any websites is an essential. Using a tracking software can make your life easier to check if your website is attracting more consumers. One of the most popular software on the market is ClickTale. Here I will discuss with you this software and its benefits


So, let’s start by getting some quick history of this software. ClickTale is an Israeli Internet company founded in 2006, that provides customer experience analytics (CEA) and web analytics services. ClickTale has grown at 5,553% over a five-year period. The company has been funded by Amadeus Capital, Goldrock Capital and the Viola Group, among others.


ClickTale’s analytics service is qualitative and provides a video playback option for each individual visitor’s session. In addition, it uses meta statistics to create visual heatmaps and behavioral reports, as well as conversion analytics and traditional web statistics. ClickTale’s solution combines a ready-to-use SaaS software suite with consulting services. ClickTale integrates with several marketing enterprise software vendors.



How does ClickTale work?

ClickTale captures every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke that a visitor makes inside a webpage, and then sends this information back to the ClickTale servers in highly compressed packages. The ClickTale servers take a snapshot of the webpage as experienced by the visitor, and combine it with the visitor actions to recreate the original browsing session. This includes where you put your mouse pointer, what you click on, what you type in the boxes and what part of the page was visible in the browser. By using a bit of JavaScript at the top of the page and a bit at the bottom, ClickTale can monitor everything about how you interact with a page. Since ClickTale is using Java Scripts, it will not interfere with any other JavaScript code. ClickTale has been used successfully in conjunction with many other packages including: Google Analytics, Adobe TestAndTarget, JQuery, Prototype, and many other stuffs related.


The other thing that you can do is being able to review some of the sessions of users on your page, that way you can see what they were doing in real time.


ClickTale is a hosted service, so no software installation on the server or client side is required and visitors can browse your website the same way they always have. We use a Content Delivery Network to host the tracking code, ensuring scalability and reliability. This software can be set up in a couple of minutes, and can start capturing visitor data immediately.


ClickTale allows each subscriber to select the percentage of visitors they would like to record. You can choose to record between 0 – 100% of your visitors. However, you can only record up to your monthly recording quota as determined by your subscription plan.


Why use ClickTale? There are many things you can do with ClickTale such as:

  • Watch your visitor’s every mouse move, click and scroll to discover exactly how they use your site.
  • See everywhere your visitors click on the page, whether it is a link, image or text to track and optimize visitor behaviour.clicktale-and-analytics4
  • Attention Heatmaps: See what content your visitors pay attention to and what they skip over. Customize webpages to maximize engagement and interaction.
  • Improve online forms’ conversion rates – discover which fields take too long to fill, are left blank, and cause your visitors to leave.
  • View where visitors move their mouse (strongly correlated with eye movements), an excellent method for analyzing site usability.
  • Maximize conversion rates – visualize conversion path and discover where and why customers abandon your funnel.
  • Maximize your marketing campaign effectiveness by discovering which efforts generate the most leads, conversions and sales.
  • You can find bugs on our web site. ClickTale provides a Most Errored Page Report to help you find which pages are generating the most JavaScript errors. In addition, ClickTale can show you when a visitor encounters an error and which line of your site’s code is generating the error.


One of the best benefits of this program is that you can track visitors using a mobile device. Using its feature, ClickTale Touch provides you with all the analytics data for the visitors to your site using mobile devices – Phones and tablets.

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